Get Results

At PFG, we see Wit$ave Solutions as an investment in our local customers. Our future success depends on your continued success as a restaurant owner, so we believe in doing everything we can to help face today’s challenging environment. That's why we do more than just talk about ideas. Through Wit$ave Solutions, we are making an investment in you — for our mutual success.

Wit$ave Solutions introduces these beneficial programs with measurable results:



Marketing On Demand
DEMAND - Turn Key web and marketing solutions customized to your operation


Profit Street
(SSI) - Customized wait staff training that organizes your crew and drives the revenue you need through motivated employees



Brand Fresh
BRAND FRESH PROGRAM - Brand Fresh brings your identity to life through a 3 tiered program geared to your specific needs:

  • BRAND FROM SCRATCH - a complete restaurant identity package from the ground up
  • BRAND ALIVE - a major revamp of your restaurant's identity
  • BRAND XPRESS - a "freshening-up" of your identity


Promo a la Carte
- promotes consumer awareness by offering customized approaches to media marketing, events, and promotions


(Assistance and Results with Measured Success) - financial support and confidential contracted services give you peace of mind and measured results



For more information regarding the Wit$ave Solutions programs,
please contact the business building team at PFG Middendorf at 314-560-2418 or contact us.